Private Team Training Space

Who are your top spokespeople?

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Grow your Team.

Craft & perform your Speaker Persona to play with key messages to more effectively speak! Gather your select team to kick-start a private speaking practice to attract the right audiences.

Workshop company messages, develop stronger voices and support one another to speak more effectively everywhere you go!

Improve customer, client and community perception by facing public speaking limitations, while brainstorming, crafting and training in a small group space.

You grow alongside your chosen team of three-to-five colleagues to develop and practice on a private, virtual stage.

Speak in Chorus!

High-ticket Training Space for private Small Groups & Teams

Boost day-to-day speaking confidence with practice, collaboration and feedback.

What speaking activities will this training space help?

• Live Speaking Events;
• Webinars (Zoom, Facebook and most other live-streaming options);
• Online meetups and staff meetings;
• Sales events and calls;
• Podcasts, Fireside chats, Virtual keynotes;
• Fairs, expos, trade shows and festival speaking;
• Ask Me Anything sessions;
• Annual General meetings;
• Online training and workshops;
• Virtual conferences and summits;
• Hybrid events and other speaking engagements.

“These public speaking spaces are very engaging and there is never a dull moment, that's what I loved the most! Hands-on to implement and you immediately practice the messages you craft.”

What's Included in the first 3 months?

Six (6) One-on-one Coaching Sessions w/ Mr. Derek Smith (per team member)

Interactive conversations with professional speaker. Each team member will discover their voice and learn-by-doing and restructuring key messages with fresh eyes, ideas & expertise.

Recorded on a private Zoom video stage:

  • Create better speaking habits, event moment(s) and develop verbal pain-points.
  • Eliminate public speaking insecurities by practicing and uncovering tricks to leverage natural strengths alongside your team of five (or fewer) colleagues.
  • Inspire & build confidence in a private, small group space.
  • Improve voice & presence alongside motivated other team members.

Small Group Practice Sessions

Regular interactive group session(s) is an opportunity to brainstorm and perform. Connect with team members in these live sessions (approx. 30-to-45 mins each). Ten (10) Practice Sessions.

  • Open mic-style small group session, featuring:
    Hot Minute, Hot Seat, Challenges & Feedback.
  • Approx. 30-to-45 minute practices, brainstorms and safe space. 
  • Develop material and present with real-time engagement.

Private Meet-up / Q&A

30-minute group pop-in session with professional Event Host, Derek Smith. Ask questions and get assignment support to accelerate progress. Ten (10) Q&A Sessions.

"Derek gave me valuable feedback for my future events & activities. I restructured my approach to make everything more engaging for my audience. As a result, I gained a better understanding of how to better engage as a leader and expert.

Many thanks to you, Derek, for taking the time and providing such value.
I wholeheartedly recommend Derek's services

Play with your Team and develop your voice!

Month #1:

  • Learn to build safety
  • Restructure your existing messages
  • Establish your goals
  • Practice speaking in the group

Month #2:

• Improve messages and develop event speaking structures
• Deliver more interactive experiences
• Brainstorm & collect feedback
• Practice speaking in the group

Month #3:

• Craft and deliver a powerful introduction
• Impress yourself and your friends
• Develop your unique style
• Establish new goals
• Practice speaking in the group

Your Team needs to Speak the right message now! Deliver more to your audience and develop Top Spokespeople.

Got questions on how to best shape your Team?

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