Live Open Mic for Virtual Event Speakers

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Your marvellous friend just sent you this link because you're going to love this Tuesday's Live Open Mic for Virtual Event Speakers.
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Join us and your friend on Zoom for the 2-hour Open Mic event and your first taste of Mr.DerekSmith’s safe, private training space. Play together, practise & get feedback in real-time - it's public speaking fun, fit for adults! Designed for Founders, Entrepreneurs and Top Managers.

Boost your confidence through support and feedback.

What events will this help you and your friend with?

• Webinars (Zoom, Facebook, other live-streaming options);
• Online meetups;
• Sales events;
• Podcasts;
• Fireside chats;
• Virtual keynotes;
• Ask Me Anything sessions;
• Staff and Annual General meetings;
• Online training and workshops;
• Virtual conferences and summits;
• Fairs, expos, trade shows and festival speaking;
• Hybrid events and other speaking engagements.

Got questions?

Book a 15-min Zoom call with Derek Smith to talk through your questions.