Live Open Mic for Virtual Event Speakers

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Join us and your friend on Zoom for a group session and your first taste of Mr.DerekSmith’s safe, private training space. Play together, practice & get feedback in real-time - it's public speaking fun, fit for adults! Designed for Founders, Entrepreneurs and Top Managers.

Boost your confidence through support and feedback.

What events will this help you and your friend with?

• Webinars (Zoom, Facebook, other live-streaming options);
• Online meetups;
• Sales events;
• Podcasts;
• Fireside chats;
• Virtual keynotes;
• Ask Me Anything sessions;
• Staff and Annual General meetings;
• Online training and workshops;
• Virtual conferences and summits;
• Fairs, expos, trade shows and festival speaking;
• Hybrid events and other speaking engagements.

small group session zoom room with mr. derek smith and the virtual training space

100% Secure Payment with Trusted Partner

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Level-up as a virtual event speaker! Boost yourself in a fun, dynamic environment with real-time feedback. Practice what you preach & play with your pitch, presentation, event introduction, audience engagement, lesson, story, joke, poem or performance… it’s your choice! Anything goes.

You’re invited to play with your public speaking and polish your existing material – in a private Zoom room – It’s the weekly Live Open Mic event alongside Mr. Derek Smith and our private community of founders, entrepreneurs and top managers. Various levels of speaking are welcome at this event. Designed to develop confidence and have you present your own material to collect real-time feedback alongside other enthusiastic speakers.

Bring anything you want – whatever you’re looking to improve, I offer a safe space for you to practise in a 5-minute or less time slot.

Bring your chosen speaking material + expect to speak at the event! Featuring: Hot Minute, Hot Seat, Challenging Words, Play & Games and Real-time Feedback.

Got questions?

Book a 15-min Zoom call with Derek Smith to talk through your questions.