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Use this Speaker Cheat Sheet to immediately master virtual speaking at your next big event!

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The speaker cheat sheet is a short PDF.
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Mr. Derek Smith empowers you to become part of the next generation of amazing virtual event speakers.


The speaker cheat sheet is particularly helpful if you're an English-speaking entrepreneur that needs to:

Speak clearly and define the right message to engage your audience.

What are you waiting for?! Start cookin' up new material to engage with your target audiences right now.

"I’ve honed my professional bio, prepared for radio interviews, crafted messaging for a course offering, started telling improvisational stories AND I've practiced new ways to engage digital audiences with Mr. Derek Smith’s knowledgeable tips..."

Why The Ultimate Recipe to Master Virtual Events?

It's important to be engaging online.

This 6-part video coaching course gives you the tools in under 90 minutes of easy-to-digest content.

You’ll practice and cover key ingredients to make your virtual events & meetings less boring.

Plus, you start delivering attention-grabbing presentations over Zoom and hundreds of other virtual event platforms.

This is designed for struggling entrepreneurs, start-up founders or top managers.

This video course will help overcome fear and get you to engage using a redefined voice your peers will notice.

Stop being nervous and struggle in-front of your clients, customers and community.

If you don’t have a plan to improve, get in the kitchen now with The Ultimate Recipe to Master Virtual Events.

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