The Ultimate Recipe to Master Virtual Events

speak & Engage audiences for
your Business To Grow in 2024

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Brainstorm & build confidence - attract the right people to your chosen message.
Rethink a compelling new introduction & speaker-persona. Plus, overcome your public speaking limitations.

The Ultimate Recipe to Master Virtual Events is the most approachable way for brave entrepreneurs to successfully engage with audiences when speaking at online events.

Video coaching course conveniently packaged in under 90 minutes of watch-time.

When you buy simple ingredients today...

You get access to tactics used by brave entrepreneurs online in this 6-part video course - and slideshow. Practical help you implement directly into your speaker persona to grow business.

Earn the riches you expect.

Effectively express yourself and your passions without being scared to engage and use your confident voice at virtual appearances.

"The highest level of learning is only when you apply it. And this was fully putting your skills into practice.”

Simple Ingredients for Brave Entrepreneurs

Learn-by-doing and Compel your Audiences & Community to take action.

Being able to breathe into your message and confidently deliver your thoughts and opinions at a virtual event, is more important today than ever before. Everyone knows entrepreneurs need to practice what they preach – and to engage with clients, customers and community, everyone needs to hear you speak.

It’s often difficult to speak in-front of people, especially in certain online environments where participants can easily disappear and go elsewhere. You need to engage. Now.

The Ultimate Recipe to Master Virtual Events is the fire in your kitchen to start cookin’ and feed your audience.

While confidently relying on the World’s Most Special Ingredientyou.

Start practicing these simple techniques immediately at your next event, meeting or appearance.

Join the international community of brave entrepreneurs who now cook & master with The Ultimate Recipe…

"I’ve honed my professional bio, prepared for radio interviews, crafted messaging for a course offering, started telling improvisational stories AND I've practiced new ways to engage digital audiences with Mr. Derek Smith’s knowledgeable tips..."

Why cook with The Ultimate Recipe...?

It's important to be engaging online.

This coaching course gives you the tools in under 90 minutes of easy-to-digest content.

You’ll practice and cover key ingredients to make your virtual events & meetings less boring.

Plus, you start delivering attention-grabbing presentations over Zoom and hundreds of other virtual event platforms.

This is designed for struggling entrepreneurs, start-up founders or top managers.

This video course will help overcome fear and get you to engage using a redefined voice your peers will notice.

Stop being nervous and struggle in-front of your clients, customers and community.

If you don’t have a plan to improve, get in the kitchen now with The Ultimate Recipe to Master Virtual Events.

This set of Simple Ingredients for Brave Entrepreneurs includes:

• Under 90 minutes of easy-to-digest video content to learn the principles used to Master Virtual Event speaking.
• Six (6) practical modules, each with tactics, exercises and assignments.
• Seven (7) Simple Ingredients for self-propelled activities designed to help you overcome your limitations and be yourself.
• Multiple slideshows included to follow along with and to take notes.

BONUS: ‘Speaker Cheat Sheet’ you can take with you to your next virtual appearance!

6-part online video course is your ticket to start cookin'!

(including BONUS ‘Speaker Cheat Sheet’)


"Derek is the ultimate Event Host and Master of Ceremonies, as he elevates the event quality
with a tremendous amount of energy, creativity and wit."

Make a Breakout Choice!
Practice What You Preach in your Business

Easy-to-digest video learning | 6 modules with tactics & techniques | Simple Ingredients for brave entrepreneurs in need of spicing things up | Slideshows & PDF documents to guide your practice & so much more…

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Speak clearly. Define your message.
Engage properly with your audience. Simple.