3-month One-on-one Coaching Program

Be media-ready &
Speak for your
Business To
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Tap into Mr. Derek Smith and practise in a private, small group of public speakers.
This 3-month program will activate skills to engage your audience.

It's a Practice & Brainstorm Space for English-speaking founders, entrepreneurs and top managers who host events and speak on-stage. You'll meet, play and improve your confidence in one-on-one conversations with professional Event Host & Master of Ceremonies, Derek Smith and at events designed to make you shine!

What's Included?

Six (6) One-on-one Progress Sessions w/ Mr. Derek Smith

Interactive conversations with professional Event Host. You’ll learn-by-doing and restructure your existing event with fresh eyes, ideas & expertise.

Recorded on a private Zoom video stage:

  • Create better event structure(s) and develop your pain-points
  • Eliminate public speaking insecurities by practicing and uncovering tricks to leverage your natural strengths
  • Inspire & build confidence on a weekly video stage, in a private community
  • Improve your voice & presence alongside peers

Three (3) Special Group Workshops

Learning and practise in a space led by guest speakers and professional Event Host, Derek Smith.

  • The Ultimate Recipe to Master Virtual Events
  • Creative Mastermind Workshop
  • Speakers’ Lab
  • Special Workshops

Test, Test 1-2-3 Live Small Group Session

Interactive group session(s) led by speakers. An opportunity to brainstorm and perform. You’ll learn-by-doing and connect with fellow speakers with regular live sessions.

  • Open mic-style group session, featuring:
    Hot Minute, Hot Seat, Challenging Words, Play & Games, Mentoring & Buddy System
  • Practice, brainstorm and safe space 
  • Develop material and present with real-time feedback from enthusiastic speakers

Private Meet-up / Q&A

Small group session with professional Event Host, Derek Smith. Ask questions and get assignment support to accelerate progress.

100% Secure Payment with Trusted Partner

"I met Derek when he attended one of my online cooking classes. Afterward, he gave me a lot of valuable feedback for my future events. Upon receiving his feedback, I restructured my classes to make them more engaging for my audience. As a result, I gained a better understanding of how to better engage as a leader and expert.

Many thanks to you, Derek, for taking the time and providing such valuable feedback.
I wholeheartedly recommend Derek's services

Start playing with your own voice!

Month #1:

  • Learn to build safety and activate audience participation
  • Restructure your existing event
  • Establish your goals
  • Practise

Month #2:

• Improve your event
• Deliver more interactive experiences
• Collect feedback
• Impress yourself and your friends
• Practise

Month #3:

• Craft and deliver a powerful introduction
• Lead Live Group Session
• Develop your unique style
• Establish new goals
• Practise

Boost your confidence through support and feedback.

What kind of events will this training help with?

• Webinars (Zoom, Facebook, other live-streaming options);
• Online meetups;
• Sales events;
• Podcasts;
• Fireside chats;
• Virtual keynotes;
• Ask Me Anything sessions;
• Staff and Annual General meetings;
• Online training and workshops;
• Virtual conferences and summits;
• Fairs, expos, trade shows and festival speaking;
• Hybrid events and other speaking engagements.

Get better at Event Speaking now. Deliver more to your audience and invest in yourself.

100% Secure Payment with Trusted Partner

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