3-month One-on-one Coaching Program

Test, Test 1-2-3

This Practice & Brainstorm Space is for English-speaking founders, entrepreneurs and top managers who host events and speak on-stage.

(see ‘What’s Included’ below)

Picture this...

You’re about to speak at an event and once again you're silently freaking out - but when you step up to that microphone this time - instead of losing your audience, you make them engage!

Learn how to engage with your audience

Empower yourself with instant audience engagement people will love.

Improve your event in a safe space with one-on-one & small groups designed to engage with English-speaking hosts, speakers and facilitators.

Never Panic again!
Test your material, get shared feedback and learn to improve your public speaking and event structures in 30 days or less.


Your audience is not connecting with you!

If you lead or participate in remote meetings, online courses or other virtual events – then you may have asked yourself:

  • How can I encourage better audience participation?
  • How can I make this moment compelling and more engaging?
  • How can I ignite the energy in the room when it’s obviously fading?
  • How can I showcase my personality better?
  • How can I feel cool, calm and in control?

Sound familiar? This practice & brainstorm space is for you!

"The highest level of learning is only when you apply it. And this was fully putting your skills into practise.”

Create alongside other English-speaking adults.

3-month safe, virtual training space

Ignite your creativity to confidently engage, design and facilitate winning experiences - no matter what kind of event it is!

Join other founders, entrepreneurs and top managers through development, practise and implementation to improve your event speaking and become a more confident voice.

Establish trust and improve your vocal engagement in every session you attend.

Flexible Framework gives you proven techniques

“The public speaking workshop was very engaging and there was never a dull moment, that's what I loved the most! Hands-on to implement and you immediately use the techniques you learned during the workshop.”

Follow me!

Engaging your audience doesn’t need to be a pain...

  • You’ll learn to better prepare your sessions
  • You’ll learn to engage with audiences using methods to complement your preferred style
  • You’ll develop better results at your events and create memorable moments
  • You’ll learn to save time, feel less stress and start having fun
"I met Derek when he attended one of my online cooking classes. Afterward, he gave me a lot of valuable feedback for my future events. Upon receiving his feedback, I restructured my classes to make them more engaging for my audience. As a result, I gained a better understanding of how to better engage as a leader and expert.

Many thanks to you, Derek, for taking the time and providing such valuable feedback.
I wholeheartedly recommend Derek's services

Boost your confidence through support and feedback.

What kind of events will this training help with?

• Webinars (Zoom, Facebook, other live-streaming options);
• Online meetups;
• Sales events;
• Podcasts;
• Fireside chats;
• Virtual keynotes;
• Ask Me Anything sessions;
• Staff and Annual General meetings;
• Online training and workshops;
• Virtual conferences and summits;
• Fairs, expos, trade shows and festival speaking;
• Hybrid events and other speaking engagements.

Join a growing community and learn-by-doing alongside professional Event Host & Master of Ceremonies - Mr. Derek Smith and other guest speakers.

One-on-one coaching sessions give you an easy-to-achieve restructuring of your upcoming event designed to leverage your unique strengths.

The weekly stages are interactive and open to creativity - including activities to explore engagement and test your material at a live camera-ready video event.

“I was so nervous, holy guacamole! English is not my mother tongue and I (unfortunately) hardly ever speak English with anyone in my everyday life - so it was really a push out of my comfort zone. The most beautiful thing about 1-2-3 was actually the framework of the workshops, which were safe, protective and they caught me like a trapeze. Thanks for the great workshops!

What's Included?

Six (6) One-on-one Progress Sessions

Interactive conversations with professional Event Host, Derek Smith. You’ll learn-by-doing and restructure your existing mateiral with fresh eyes, ideas & expertise.

Recorded on a private video stage:

  • Create better structure(s) and develop your pain-points
  • Eliminate public speaking insecurities by practicing and uncovering tricks to leverage your natural strengths
  • Inspire & build confidence on a weekly video stage, in a private community
  • Improve your voice & presence alongside peers

Three (3) Special Group Workshops

Learning and practise for 5-to-10 people in a space led by guest speakers and professional Event Host, Derek Smith.

  • The Ultimate Recipe to Master Virtual Events
  • Creative Mastermind Workshop
  • Speakers’ Lab
  • Improvisation Workshop

Test, Test 1-2-3 Live Small Group Session

Weekly interactive group session(s) led by speakers. An opportunity to brainstorm and perform. You’ll learn-by-doing and connect with fellow speakers with one weekly live session.

  • Open mic-style waitlist
  • Featuring: Hot Minute, Hot Seat, Challenging Words, Play & Games, Mentoring & Buddy System
  • 2-hour practice, brainstorm and safe space 
  • Develop material and present with real-time feedback from enthusiastic speakers

Private Meet-up / Q&A

Small group session with professional Event Host, Derek Smith. Ask questions and get assignment support to accelerate progress once a week.

Enroll & start this week!


You’re not delivering on customer, client or audience expectations when you communicate at your events.


You increase engagement and begin to exceed your audience’s expectations - suddenly, you’re full of surprises!


Your low confidence and lackluster skills as an English-speaker shine through at your event appearances.


You noticeably improve your speaking skills and increase your confidence as an English-speaker hosting or attending virtual events.


You’re always second-guessing whether your audience is engaged, interested or dead asleep.


You restructure your approach and deliver more engaging messages and proven methods to give yourself peace-of-mind while speaking.


You feel unworthy, unsupported and sometimes totally embarrassed by your lack of skills and overall structure.


You begin to regularly explore the best parts of your speaking skills and feel supported in improving them weekly.


Your inaction is costing your company engagement and lost revenues - you need to deliver a better product.


You deliver a better product, leading to restored revenues in your company by restructuring and practising what you preach.


Your stress is distracting you from your business and you need a safe space to learn, train and improve your voice.


You thrive and have fun in a space to test creative material, collect feedback and learn how to improve your voice.

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“Derek Smith is a talented individual and a master of communication, I highly recommend him to others.”
Lucy Thorpe
Oppida - Head of Operations

Hello Mr. Derek Smith...


When I first learned the word ‘compère’ – I immediately thought,

“O.K., let’s go do that!”  

I soon learned a compère was someone who introduces talent in a variety show. A strong voice, a splash of enthusiasm and a decent smile covers 95% of the work.

It was perfect for me! What I didn’t know was the other 5% required structure, practise and feedback

On my journey to becoming a compère, I’ve also hosted live & virtual team building workshops, festivals, summits, auctions, award shows, and more. I’m known for my energetic voice and welcoming nature.

For over 15 years people have given me a stage – now, I give similar people that same opportunity with a practise and brainstorming space to enhance event facilitation and audience participation.

Building people’s confidence and improving alongside others is my way of changing the way people interact in a virtual world. My transferable skills aim to inspire the next generation of speakers. I’m creating better events for fascinating people around the world.

I’d love to support your growth in public speaking.

Virtual Events Hosted
Live Events Hosted
People at largest event
Event Types Hosted

Start playing with your voice!

Month #1

• Learn to build safety and activate audience participation • Restructure your existing event • Establish your goals • Practise

Month #2

• Improve your event • Deliver more interactive experiences • Collect feedback • Impress yourself and your friends • Practise

Month #3

• Craft and deliver a powerful introduction • Lead “Safe Space” Group Session • Develop your unique style • Establish new goals • Practise

Who’s this for?

English Speaking founders, entrepreneurs and top managers who facilitate, attend or speak at events and are motivated to provide their community and customers with a better quality product.

It’s designed for on-camera virtual speakers motivated to improve their public speaking skills and overall events. They need a more confident presence in front of their audience – leading to better speaking engagements.

This caters to fun-loving business people looking to be more prepared, polished and engaging in front of their audience.

This is a safe training space to learn and develop materials.

This opportunity is offered to help grow and exceed stakeholder, client and audience expectations.

Who’s this NOT for?

Speakers who don’t already speak at events.

The live training space is all about improving existing speakers effectively. If you don’t already speak or are about to start speaking regularly at events, you won’t find the tools and techniques very relevant.

This is not for advanced Event facilitators or media-savvy speakers.

You will likely already have a solid foundation and the live training space is for earlier stage speakers and those improving daily. 

Speakers looking for a “Quick Fix”. This will get you in the habit and framework to grow your voice well into the future. It takes time, commitment, and courageous work to improve – if that’s not you, this isn’t for you. The best people have fun and love to play in the space.

100% Satisfaction Policy

If you engage with the one-on-one Progress sessions and attend the Group sessions and are still unsatisfied in any way, you will be refunded your purchase within 15 days of payment.

The Invite List informs and reminds you of next steps to be a part of our growing community. Sign up today!

Six (6) One-on-one Progress Sessions
>30 minutes each /
Privately RECORDED

Three (3) Special (5 to 10-person) Group Workshops
>Once each month

Twelve (12) Live Virtual Group Sessions 
>Once a week / Open mic

Private Meet-up / Q&A
> Once a week / 60 minutes

Improve your Event Speaking right now.

Still deciding?

Book a 15-min Zoom call with Derek Smith to talk through your questions.